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Bendis vs. Millar: Why Scarlet is better than Nemesis!

Prologue: This is not a negative review. If I like something, I review it. If I don’t like something, I ignore it. People who review comic books, novels, movies, TV shows, or any art form with the sole purpose of … Continue reading

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I want to read your comic book and then share it with the world! Or at least a couple thousand people!

Over the last month I’ve received a number of invitations to write blog posts, review comics, and a somewhat disturbing request to pose with the Playstation Move (I still assert that it looks like a giant glowing Japanese dildo, but … Continue reading

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Why should anyone give a shit about your comic book? Seriously…why?

A few weeks ago I heard about a comic book called Chew. From the brief description I discover it’s about a detective named Tony Chu who is a ‘cibopath’, which means he has the ability to produce a psychic vision … Continue reading

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Why Marvel and DC should fear YOU, the independent comic creator

The year is 2000. You desperately want the comic book superstar lifestyle, and all the perks that go along with it: legions of adoring fans, billions of dollars, several vacation homes, and your own private jet. Not to mention the … Continue reading

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For the upcoming Chew TV series, there is only one guy who can play cibopath Tony Chu:

If you read Image’s incredibly creative, odd, and sometimes disturbing comic Chew, you’re probably already aware that it could soon be coming to the small screen. If you’re not reading it…what are you waiting for, jackass? Go out and pick … Continue reading

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Digital Comics vs. Regular Comics the Sequel: Comic Book Grrl Strikes Back!

Hey guys! The Digital vs. Regular comics debate rages on over on my previous post, but I’m back to address some of the issues that came up. EXCELLENT posts by everyone! Sorry I can’t get back to everyone personally, but … Continue reading

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Scientific PROOF that Digital Comics are a better value than regular comics (and 296% cheaper)!

I have no math background. At all. I suck at math, science, and sometimes I’m even confused by the settings on my PVR. I do, however, have the ability to use the free calculator that comes with my PC. So … Continue reading

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