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When DC killed Superman they almost killed the comic industry. And Marvel is about to reload the gun…

It was a crisp October evening in 1992. I was standing in a small comic store surrounded by fanboys who were buzzing with anticipation, waiting in a line that stretched out the front door. It was a time of excitement, … Continue reading

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I want to be part of the comic book industry…so, now what?

I’ve received this message a hundred times in the last few months: “I have a great portfolio/story/idea and I don’t know where to take it from here. Please help!” Unfortunately I have nothing overly helpful to reply with. Connecting a … Continue reading

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Zombie Outlaw! A comic book review from ComicBookGrrl.

The first of many indy comic reviews starts with Zombie Outlaw – a colorful tale that asks the question “What if your resident advisor was a part-time zombie??” (Literally…it asks you that right there on the cover) The Story The … Continue reading

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I’m enlisting some help to answer your Tweets and Facebook posts

My new friend George is here to help me answer your questions. Fight Opinion asks: “In your mind, what’s the best way to distribute comics, mags, etc. online and minimize the level of piracy of content?” Enjoy! – Blake xo … Continue reading

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Garth Ennis’ “The Boys”: a comic about bad-ass men, slutty women, and *very* slutty women.

I realize that the world of comic books is – by and large – a boys club. I accept that. And I definitely get the appeal: big guns, big tits, big muscles, big violence, big battles, and when it’s done … Continue reading

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