Zombie Outlaw! A comic book review from ComicBookGrrl.

The first of many indy comic reviews starts with Zombie Outlaw – a colorful tale that asks the question “What if your resident advisor was a part-time zombie??”

(Literally…it asks you that right there on the cover)

The Story

The story takes place at Irvine State University where friends Matt and Will are enrolled. Will is completely obsessed with zombies – more specifically, the tale of a fabled outlaw zombie – and he spends his time investigating an urban legend from 1872: the legend of Edward Dransby.

As Will searches for answers, Matt has his own obsession: a busty, flame-haired beauty named K.T., who at the moment seems more interested in differential equations that dating.

As they search the lower levels of ISU, they make a startling discovery…

The Creators

As a writer, Brian J. Apodaca seems to be a perfect fit with artist B. Paul Jordan. Apodaca has crafted a story that reads like an action-comedy, introducing characters and explaining the legend in a clear and concise way. Issue #1 serves as an origin story for what I can expect are several adventures yet to come.

Jordan is along for the ride with a loose and fluid style that seems more Saturday-morning cartoon that comic book at times, depicting the characters with simple features, bright colors, and Popeye-like forearms (it takes some getting used to, but it works…you just have to see it).

One of the highlights was an interesting change in art styles when Apodaca takes us back to the late 1800’s to explore the legend of the outlaw. Jordan’s playful style takes on a rougher, sketchier edge when depicting the zombie hordes from the old West – something I’d like to see more of in forthcoming issues.


While it seems like you can’t watch a TV show, movie, or pick up a comic without seeing the word ‘zombie’ somewhere, Zombie Outlaw is carving out its own niche in the well-worn mythology, and taking it in a different direction.

In the future I’d like to see the characters get some additional development, and the zombie lore explored in greater detail.

This is a good first effort for Apodaca and Jordan – give them some love and check out their work:

Get Zombie Outlaw at: http://www.comixpress.com

Visit Zombie Outlaw at: http://www.zombieoutlaw.com/ or at http://www.myspace.com/zombieoutlaw

Next: back to my usual commentary, where I take on DC Comics (again), and discuss the impending Death of Spider-Man!

Don’t miss it, true believers…

Love you guys,
Blake xox

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One Response to Zombie Outlaw! A comic book review from ComicBookGrrl.

  1. philbyday says:

    When I get back on feet financially, ZombieOutlaw def seems like something I’d want 2 check out in trade. From what I can peep out the look of the panels being shown reminds me a li’l bit of EricPowell. Nice find, Blake!

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