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The cover of your book is a piece of shit. An inspirational blog post by yours truly.

This is specifically for writers – people who are planning to (or are in the process of ) writing a comic book, e-book, or novel. If you’re not one of these people you can keep reading along if you like. … Continue reading

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It’s hammer time! Check out my non-spoiler review of Thor.

I finally got a chance to see Thor! Here is my non-spoiler review: History has a way of repeating itself. Around a year ago I was sitting in a movie theatre wearing a pair of uncomfortable 3D glasses, watching some … Continue reading

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I review the movie Scream 4, as well as Hayden Panettiere’s haircut.

Sometimes an event happens in a movie that’s so unique, so cool, or so visually amazing that a franchise can’t get back on track after they pass that tipping point. The first time a dinosaur was revealed in Jurassic Park … Continue reading

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When it comes to art, is it possible to ‘cheat’? (From Shakespeare to Ashlee Simpson)

In sports, the line is pretty clearly drawn: you inject a banned substance into your body – expanding your biceps but shrinking your genitals – and bang, you’re cheating. There is little debate about this either way. The media goes … Continue reading

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My first (and probably only) moview review of 2011: Sucker Punch

I don’t typically do movie reviews, but I’ve had some requests to write a non-spoiler rundown of Sucker Punch. And who am I to disappoint both my fans? This movie is almost impossible to review without giving away critical plot … Continue reading

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Is publishing going to end up like the music industry? And is that a bad thing? And what is Bon Jovi whining about?

Bon Jovi recently complained that Steve Jobs – the founder of Apple – killed the music industry. He reminisces about a magical time when someone would go to the record store and buy an album without knowing what any of … Continue reading

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Why does Warner Brothers hate Joss Whedon, and you? The baffling tale of Buffy’s resurrection on the big screen.

A few years ago I saw a movie called Oldboy. It’s a twisted South Korean film that is far too complicated to describe in one paragraph, but the gist of it is that someone goes to unbelievable lengths – considerable … Continue reading

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