My first (and probably only) moview review of 2011: Sucker Punch

I don’t typically do movie reviews, but I’ve had some requests to write a non-spoiler rundown of Sucker Punch. And who am I to disappoint both my fans?

This movie is almost impossible to review without giving away critical plot points, so instead I’ll help manage your expectations and give my overall thoughts.

So here we go…

Sucker Punch is a mutated combination of the video game American McGee’s Alice, the movie Brazil, and some other random video game where you punch, shoot and stab things (so basically almost any game released in the last decade). Throw in a dash of Inception, a dollop of Scott Pilgrim and a hint of Japanese anime, and you have…something.

Love it or hate it, this movie is nothing if not original.

It’s a Zack Snyder film, so do we get tons of blood and boobies?

Surprisingly no.

Don’t get me wrong, Sucker Punch is plenty violent, but It’s certainly not the bloodbath that 300 was, or as needlessly carnage-filled as The Watchmen.

Many of the really gory parts happen off-screen, which suits the film just fine. I’m sure Zack would have loved to treat us with some exploding heads and flying severed limbs, but in the spirit of achieving a PG-13 rating he dialed back the bloodlust and showed some much-needed restraint.

And if you were hoping to see some skin, you’ll definitely be disappointed. There isn’t so much as a single side-boob or up-skirt in the entire film.

What is the biggest surprise?

A breakout performance from Guatemalan-born actor Oscar Isaac, who portrays the sinister Blue Jones. I’ve never seen Isaac before, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

What is the least surprising thing?

A lot of slow-motion. I lost count of how many times the camera zoomed in on Baby Doll’s fake eyelashes, batting in slow-mo as a raindrop or snowflake floated by.

If you’ve seen any of Snyder’s previous films you already know he’s a big fan of the slow-mo, but in Sucker Punch he uses this technique a LOT – even John Woo would raise an eyebrow at the number of times a scantily-clad mental patient was suspended in mid-air wielding a sword or machine gun. Halfway through the movie I actually expected a flock of doves to fly by in the background.

Should I see it?


Based on reviews I’ve read online this morning, this movie seems very polarizing. The combination of love and vitriol reminds me of last summer’s flame wars when Scott Pilgrim vs. The World hit theaters.

As most reviews seems to swing far to one side, I’m currently sitting somewhere in the middle. I loved the look and feel, but wasn’t completely sold on the story…I felt similar when walking out of Tron a few months ago – not completely enamored, but definitely glad I experienced it.

Hope you enjoyed my little rundown (and I hope I didn’t spoil anything?)

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I love you guys,
Blake xox

PS: WOW…I kept this review to around 500 words. Any time I can ramble for less than 1000 it’s a good post.

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21 Responses to My first (and probably only) moview review of 2011: Sucker Punch

  1. I saw Sucker Punch this week. I really liked it. The slow-mo scenes didn’t irritate me that much, but I must agree with you, he uses a lot.
    Awesome review, Blake!

  2. maledictus says:

    I haven’t seen the film, but I find your review very helpful, is not based only on hate-it or love-it arguments.

  3. Logan says:

    This is the first film that Snyder has done that is his own original material, and it just goes to show he should stay with filming other writer’s work. Was the action scenes well filmed? Yes. Was it a stylized world like he is known for? Yes. Was I entertained? Hell no. I felt like I needed my own personal lobotomy just to follow to storyline.

    I would say that to see this movie is throwing money away, and if you insist on throwing good money out, throw it my way. I will make better use of it.

    • I think a lobotomy would help me get through a lot of entertainment these days…it would definitely spice up all those dancing shows and anything with the word ‘Housewives’ in it.

  4. Shark Padlock says:

    Thanks for your review. I’m hoping this will be a fun film to go see.

  5. GhostKeeperX says:

    I liked your review. You did a good at hitting the main points. I saw it and liked it. It’s awesome visually and together with a good soundtrack made it that good and that’s what I was expecting.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Thank you for the review. I, personally, think you should do more of these and suspect that I am not alone in this. Should probably see this now. 🙂

  7. I’ve seen one really really bad review, and this one. So the polarizing thing is apparently in full force!

    • Apparently you haven’t been to Aint It Cool News, where a number of their top reviewers tear Sucker Punch a new a-hole. One guy compared it to Southland Tales and Showgirls (you can’t get much more negative than that).

      • rottenjorge says:

        wow your review was not negative at all if anything it is the best out of all the ones i read hell ifanboy didnt like it and ign gave it one star one star, what the hell, chris nolan made a original film and people loved it, zack tried it and people atleast the internet people thinks its shit dam people thier are worst movies like Red Riding Hood directing by the woman who directed twilight so rip a hole in that movie

  8. Bonnie says:

    I loved your review and your blog looks very interesting too. Suckerpunch is a very visually nice movie, even if its no good its still worth seeing just because its so decorative and has lots of special effects and stuff. I havent seen it yet but I will in future. Thank you for the review.

  9. Erin Moxam says:

    Good review, thanks for the no spoiler, going to see it this weekend. Now you have three fans, woot! 😉

  10. F Q Salman says:

    Good review with good comparisons :). You hold same opinion as other reviewers with regards to the story being unsatisfactory.

  11. This is the first helpful review I’ve seen of this movie.

  12. Ikaryas says:

    Good review.
    I saw the movie but I’m still not sure if I liked it or not… Essentially I liked it, but the thing that bothered me the most was that you didn’t really got involved in the story or any of the girls beside Babydoll or Rocket. I never lost track of time or place when watching it. Although a very rare thing these days, I still feel a bit saddened every time I leave the theater or shut down the TV…
    Lobotomy is creepy :S

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