For the upcoming Chew TV series, there is only one guy who can play cibopath Tony Chu:

If you read Image’s incredibly creative, odd, and sometimes disturbing comic Chew, you’re probably already aware that it could soon be coming to the small screen.

If you’re not reading it…what are you waiting for, jackass? Go out and pick up the first trade paperback.

Since there is a shortage of Chinese-American actors who have experience portraying characters with preternatural abilities, I’m going to say there is only one man who can play detective Tony Chu:

The new Tony Chu - Ken Leung from Lost

Ken Leung, best known for playing a medium who could communicate with the dead on Lost, is my pick.

Let me know who your choices are below, for both Tony Chu and the rest of the cast.

Love you guys…Blake xo

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10 Responses to For the upcoming Chew TV series, there is only one guy who can play cibopath Tony Chu:

  1. Deemar says:

    Agree John Layman himself want “Miles” Leung.

    Perfect casting

  2. IronMonIsBack says:

    WOW. He is perfect for the rol indeed!

  3. phil says:

    Don’t really follow the comic. but nonythelrss an ideal choice.

  4. Randall says:

    Agreed. Leung has played too many bit parts as stereotypical character X, or marginalized in an ensemble class character Y. He’d be ideal for this.

  5. digivalen says:

    When I see the news, I think inmediately in Jonh Cho.

  6. Blake says:

    I agree with this and would also like to submit Ken Jeung to play his brother, as well as John Goodman to play Mason Savoy, Matthew McConaughey to play his partner and the guy that was the boos on the wire to play his bos..

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