I want to read your comic book and then share it with the world! Or at least a couple thousand people!

Over the last month I’ve received a number of invitations to write blog posts, review comics, and a somewhat disturbing request to pose with the Playstation Move (I still assert that it looks like a giant glowing Japanese dildo, but I digress).

I could review a bunch of Marvel and DC comics, but really, do these guys need any more free publicity? My passion is you, the independent comic book creator. If you’ve got a finished book, let me see your work!

I will try to review at least one or two books every month, and highlight it on my blog (and elsewhere).

Here are the ground rules:

1) It has to be a full-length comic. No strips or one-page deals.

2) Digital is fine, or if you’re really motivated you can send me a physical copy (email me for a mailing address).

3) Sorry, no novels or screenplays. Not that I don’t want to read them – I DO – but I simply don’t have the time. Maybe you could edit your story and turn it into a comic? 🙂

4) I will NOT negatively review your work in public. As an amateur you might still be growing as an artist, so I won’t rip you a new one in front of thousands of comic book fans. If I review something it’s because I love it.

5) If you want to increase the chances that I review your comic, please include a one-page plot summary. Not even a whole page is required – even just a paragraph or two.

That’s it.

I can’t wait to see your stuff! And just FYI, don’t wait for me to get my lazy ass around to your work – send it elsewhere. Send it to bloggers, newspapers, magazines, comic book creators, Tweet it, Buzz it, shoot copies out of a t-shirt cannon while you drive by crowded areas on a motorcycle…

…OK that last one was a joke but you get the idea.

Make something awesome, and then share it.

Direct Message me on Twitter, and I will forward you my Email or mailing address. Or send me a link directly to your book online.

Love you guys,
Blake xo

PS: PLEASE do not shoot a comic at someone using a t-shirt cannon, or any other projectile device. And especially no not do it from a moving vehicle.

Thank you.

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5 Responses to I want to read your comic book and then share it with the world! Or at least a couple thousand people!

  1. That’s so awfully nice of you, given your increased popularity and ever-growing fanbase. You really could give someone the break they need.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. M Kitchen says:

    Here is a comic by me to read if you (and those reading these comments) are interested.

    SPY GUY #1

    Always interested in hearing what people think of it.
    SPY GUY #2 should be coming fairly soon.

  3. Javier says:

    Great initiative and very good aid.

  4. mrw00dy says:

    darn – my short attention span meant i didn’t read your last bit of advice and have since caused myself [but no animals] great harm by firing my extra powerful, homemade, horrendously inaccurate t-shirt slingshot loaded with reams of self-generated comics at myself whilst riding down Grantham St [steep hill in The ‘Tron where I live]… ouch!

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